Dear Nicky,

I have really been focusing on building a pipeline of candidates and clients via LinkedIn. How can I effectively showcase my NPAworldwide affiliation there?

Marketing in Mattawan

Dear Matt,

Great question! We strongly encourage members to leverage NPAworldwide with clients and candidates - it helps you stand out from your competition!

To assist in your marketing efforts, we have created a NEW company page on LinkedIn, called NPAworldwide Member-Owners. Members who wish to showcase their NPAworldwide membership can now mention it in the Experience section of the profile AND LINK TO THIS NEW PAGE. The new page is NOT connected to our “corporate” LinkedIn page OR any of our job advertisements, so this option will avoid any overlap/confusion with our advertising efforts. The new page also links to our employer-focused website, which is a better representation of NPAworldwide for your clients. This can be a powerful tool for both members and NPAworldwide to increase brand awareness with a client audience.

If you would like to add the NPAworldwide Member-Owners page to your LinkedIn profile, here are the steps to follow:

  1. In the top LinkedIn menu bar, click Me (where your photo is) and select View Profile
  2. In the Experience section of your profile, click the Edit icon (looks like a pencil)
  3. In the Company field, start typing NPAworldwide and select NPAworldwide Member-Owners from the list that pre-populates

DO NOT LINK TO OUR PRIMARY NPAWORLDWIDE PAGE. This incorrectly lists you as an EMPLOYEE at NPAworldwide Headquarters, which interferes with our job advertising.

Please contact Veronica Blatt, +1 616 871-3323 if you have any questions.


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