Posted by NPAworldwide Headquarters on Mar 24, 2022

As part of the recent data migration from Matchmaker to NPAmarketplace, we migrated each firm's existing preference for whether or not to "blind" their candidates. So if your candidates are blinded in Matchmaker, they are set to "masked" in NPAmarketplace.

If you would like to change this setting in NPAmarketplace, you can easily do so from your firm's profile.

  1. Select the Settings icon from the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar
  2. On the Company Profile screen, select General Settings
  3. In the center of the top section, look for the Mask Candidates field and toggle your setting to Yes or No as appropriate
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Remember, the "masked" setting applies to the entire FIRM, not individual recruiters. So either ALL of the firm's candidates are masked, or none of them are.

Please check out the NPAmarketplace Handbook for more easy-to-follow instructions.