Earlier this week, we rolled out a Matchmaker enhancement regarding the way downloaded resumes are named. Previously, when downloading records, the default file name was a series of meaningless alphanumeric characters like this:

  • D2D5907C-B9D5-016B-B8827E70BEDE2DD6


With the new naming convention, downloaded resume/CV files automatically include the poster's member number, plus the candidate's first and last names, like this:

  • NPA#_2128 Robert Gerard.doc
  • NPA#_0000 Julian Woodhouse.pdf
  • NPA#_5212 Lorie Terry.pdf
  • NPA#_8244 Sijeesh A T.doc

This methodology will make it easier for importers to find downloaded resumes in an intuitive way. At the same, including the original partner's member number helps importers to track the ownership of candidate information.