Dear Nicky,

I submitted 3 new acceptances last month and was expecting to see my name among the top producers in the Placement Results report, but it's not there. Did I do something wrong?

Dealing in Dalton

Dear Dalton,

Great question! The monthly Placement Results report ONLY shows paid deals, *not* new acceptances. Acceptances are showcased in the Money Letter. This can be a little confusing for members from time to time. Here are some things you can do to ensure your placement activity shows up in the right places, at the right times:

  1. Report all new acceptances within 7 days (sooner if you can). This is not only a policy requirement -- acceptances that are not reported, or are reported late (for example, submitted in June with an April start date), will not get included in the Money Letter.
  2. When submitting brokerage, be sure to include the name of the candidate AND proof of payment from the client. This helps ensure your payment gets applied to the correct deal (especially if you have multiple acceptance reports for the same/similar brokerage).
  3. Remember: the Money Letter is for new acceptances; the Placement Results report is for paid placements.


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