Posted by Veronica Blatt on Sep 08, 2022

A new enhancement has been launched on NPAmarketplace on individual recruiter profiles.

Users will notice that there are new tabs displayed on individual recruiter profiles for Jobs, Candidates, and Splits. These tabs show all of the jobs and candidates posted by a specific recruiter, as well as the splits they have participated in. This offers a more complete picture for each recruiter in addition to the descriptive information provided about industries and geographies worked, primary and secondary specialties, etc. Job, candidate and split records are displayed chronologically with the newest items at the top of each list.

The information is displayed in the same order as you have displayed within the Jobs, Candidates, and Splits modules within NPAmarketplace. If you change the columns within those modules, the changes will be reflected on the recruiter profiles as well. Please note you can ONLY change the columns in the actual modules; the displays on the recruiter profiles are fixed.

For many users, we expect this enhancement will make it more efficient to find newly-posted records from trading partners. Please contact with any questions.