The backbone of NPAworldwide is and will always be its members and recruiters, as well as the staff who help us all work effectively and efficiently. Building relationships leads to information exchange as well as split placements. HOW do you find your potential trading partners and industry experts? 

Every new member and recruiter is trained in using NPAmarketplace and NPA Central to find potential trading partners…as well as attending meetings and Practice Group calls. They don’t know anyone in NPAworldwide so they absolutely depend on our tools, whether it's finding out when meetings or trading calls or webinars might be OR seeing jobs and candidates OR finding out who are the specialists. 

Are we as “seasoned” members and recruiters using all our tools? Are we open to meeting new potential trading partners?

I’ve often heard that it's useless to post candidates or jobs, but isn’t that a self-serving prophecy – if you don’t sow the seed, how can the plant grow? There are plenty of successful placements that came from posting jobs and candidates as well as setting up alerts. You can’t possibly know everyone in NPAworldwide….and by not posting, you are missing an opportunity to find the best job or candidate.

  1. POST candidates and searches to NPAmarketplace and the Job Board – gets your name and specialty focus known AND it doesn’t cost anything until the placement happens. Often HALF a fee is better than NONE. Even if your candidate gets the offer, having 3, 4, 5 others in the running bolsters your chances.
  2. SEARCH and SET UP ALERTS to find candidates, job orders and trading partners. Just because you look once, doesn’t mean something doesn’t get entered after you sign off….OR it pays to look back in history to see if someone ever had a candidate or job order similar to your need.
  3. Update your member and recruiter profile on NPAMARKETPLACE and NPA CENTRAL…and check out the blogs regularly. Time and information is money…someone else in NPA might have excellent advice or suggestions.
  4. Let us know your suggestions for improving our tools. NPAworldwide is member-owned and we don’t have an unlimited budget, but we are working to have effective tools to improve member’s experiences.

Last but not least ...check out this list of KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS to help save you time!