Here is an infographic from an industry publication on how recruitment firms spend their budgets. NPAworldwide touches each one of these categories and does so very cost effectively.

If you take an average annual membership fee paid annually at about US$2145, here is how your investment is NPAworldwide is spread:

Job Board Advertising  = About $580 annually
If you post your job on Matchmaker and select the Job Board option, NPAworldwide advertises an unlimited number of jobs on Indeed, Monster, NationJob and 50 other sites for you. Applications come directly to you and there is no additional charge for this until you make a placement. So it works like a “contingent job board” with a fee paid only when successful. If you are not using this feature of your membership, call a staff member and let us get you started.

Recruiting Tools = About $560 annually
Connection to NPAworldwide members and systems allows you to source and track candidates that would otherwise not be available to you. When you post a job and connect with a member you can double the amount of time spent sourcing for your opening. Effective member-to-member relationships can speed the fill of job openings.

Business Development = About $490 annually
For under $500 you gain access to job openings from within your niche, in your geography or anywhere you want to start working.

Branding = About $215 annually
As a member of NPAworldwide, you are able to position your firm as globally capable and connected. You can ask your clients for business around the world or in areas outside your core areas of strength and fulfil on their needs. Instead of being a “small fish” you are positioned as part of a large cooperative of like-minded partners or affiliates. Use this on your marketing messages, social media and websites.

Recruiting Events = About $150 annually
As a member, you have access to more than a dozen member-to-member call opportunities. Some calls are focused on Practice Group niches, while others are topic driven.  Based on what I have witnessed as coffee, tea and cocktail habits…my guess is that this is less than a month or two of coffees for most members. If you are not joining calls, please leverage your investment and start doing so!

Some areas not covered where NPAworldwide offers even more value…benchmarking, best practices, peer-to-peer coaching, and split fee opportunities, just to name a few.  Thanks for being a member; we intend to deliver value to members. Please let us know where we can do better.