Posted by Jason Elias on Nov 03, 2021

Greeting fellow members,
I wanted to highlight a couple of changes to some of the terminology we use in the network. While us old-timers understand the difference between an "importer" and "exporter," for some it is not that easy. Head office probably spends 3 weeks a year explaining the wording to prospective members, rookie members and even some members who should know by now.

So in keeping with simplifying things, from now on we will refer to the:

This should hopefully clear up any confusion and allow HQ to focus on things other than semantics—not that I am anti-semantic.
The other thing I wanted to mention was the Job Board. This is a very underutilised tool. Do you know the largest Job Board fee this year is US $42,550 and there was no upfront cost to post the vacancy. NPAworldwide provides the Job Board as a service to members and actually invests more in promoting the ads and clicks than it generates in return. However, it is another value-add for individual members who benefit far beyond the cost to NPA.

But, just like any job board—never list your trading partners' jobs, even if you are better at drafting ad copy, or more likely to fill the role. End clients have ended up sacking NPA members for seeing their ads posted by other recruiters. Similarly, posting jobs from sites like Bounty Jobs or Talent Vine is not acceptable. To use the Job Board you must have a direct relationship with the end client.

So take advantage of the great  resource NPA provides for us but make sure you use it the right way.