Dear Nicky,

I was looking for trading partners that do automotive and was surprised there were only 58 in all of NPA. Then I looked at automotive jobs and found that the people posting the jobs were almost totally different from the people who appeared in my search results. Why is that?

Mismatched in Millington

Dear Millie,

Good question! We work hard trying to get members to update their profiles; I guess they don’t realize they are losing out on opportunities to be found in a search by their network partners. There are a lot of recruiter profiles that say: No description available. Plenty of others are outdates or incomplete. Your Matchmaker profile is one of the most important tools you have to connect you with network partners. Searches are done by keyword, geography, name, practice group, specialty, firm number and other ways. WE WANT YOU TO COME UP IN A SEARCH!

Use the following instructions to update your Matchmaker profile.

  1. Login to Matchmaker-
  2. Click on Edit My Profile (top of the page left side)
  3. Do these:
    • Add a photo
    • Add Internal Comments - add some keywords about the jobs or candidates you work.
    • Add Specialties
    • Add Trading Group(s)
    • Add Location(s) you REALLY work.
    • In the “Recruiter Primarily Contributes” area please let us know how you plan to contribute!
  4. Click Save

Thanks for writing!


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