Posted by Dave Nerz on May 02, 2022

There is one way to add a new recruiter to Marketplace:  

STEP 1:  The Owner/Primary Contact adds the new recruiter to the member database on NPA Central.

STEP 2:  Once added, the new recruiter must take and pass the online Ethics Quiz.

STEP 3:  The new recruiter is then added to Marketplace.

This new process captures all users in the master database, it ensures for some basic awareness of NPAworldwide Bylaws and Operational principles by new recruiters, and it will monitor use of Marketplace and remove inactive accounts in a more timely way. 

Some specific actions the new process will drive for newly added recruiters:

  • If the newly added recruiter fails to take the Ethics Quiz within 7 days of being added to NPA Central, the firm owner / primary contact will receive a reminder at the 7 day mark. If new recruiter fails to do act within 10 days, their account will be deleted. This is a good safety feature for all members.

  • Once your new recruiter passes the Ethics Quiz and activates their account, a failure to log in for 60 days after activation will trigger an email reminder to log in. A second reminder will follow at 90 days. If no log in occurs within 180 days of account activation, the account will be deleted. Once again, this is a way to secure NPAworldwide shared records.

As a member-owned network, owners are accountable to each other to maintain the integrity and security of shared databases and proprietary information. Please do your part by making sure your recruiters are well-versed in NPAworldwide expectations before giving them access to your partners’ records. Please contact me with any questions, or +1 616 871 3326.