Dear Nicky,

What are the rules around the jobs I can post on Matchmaker and on the Job Board?

Foggy in Frisco

Dear Foggy,

A reminder, this is all in the Bylaws and Operations Manual. You can look it up - the index helps you find the proper area for your search. 

Some rules to live by…

  • A direct relationship with the client company must exist. That means Bounty Jobs and other third-party highly competitive jobs should not be posted as if you owned a relationship with the employer. 
  • You cannot collect members' candidates and submit them to VMS controlled and managed jobs without first detailing the conditions and making sure the candidate supplier approves your submittal. For example, some VMS systems say that if the candidate is known to the employer, they do not need to pay a fee. Well, every candidate is known to them because they can find them on LinkedIn. Many also say that candidates submitted are only paid on the job to which you submitted them and any other hire is a non-fee related hire. That means your partner is supplying the client with candidates for free to build their database.  Most are not OK with that. 
  • NPAworldwide members cannot use the Job Board to post jobs where they do not own a relationship with the client. Your fellow members are paying for the advertisement of these jobs and they must be jobs which you control to some degree and not for someone else, or even worse a non-NPA partner. 

Please help us sustain the benefits of the network by following these basic rules.


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