Posted by NPAworldwide Headquarters on May 12, 2022

As we transition to a new job board, please be reminded of the following posting requirements for using the NPAworldwide Job Board. Some of these are NPAworldwide policy while others are requirements from the various aggregators we use. Jobs that do not follow these requirements will be excluded from all advertising efforts.

  • No internal job ID#s within the job title field
  • No occupation categories or industries within the job title field
  • Must have a location - city/state/country for US jobs or city/country for non-US jobs
  • Salary - many US states are beginning to require inclusion of a salary or salary range in the job posting. If you do NOT include a salary, aggregators will often add an estimated salary range. This may be much higher than your client's actual salary range, so please be aware of this if you choose to leave the salary out of your posting.
  • Do not include the member's firm name, website and/or recruiter contact info in the description
  • Do not include the client's name, website or other contact details in the description