We have a new Industry Partner called Human Predictions (humanpredictions.io)  They are an alternative to LinkedIn for those working in the Technology/IT space.  Members of NPAworldwide are entitled to a 20% discount on this service!
humanpredictions.io is a good alternative to dumping more cash into LinkedIn to get the same candidates everyone else is surfacing.  Try a new and unique talent pool.  
  • Sourcing Technical Talent from outside of Linkedin. We are not dependent on LinkedIn data, instead, we go to over 3 dozen dev communities. This means we're finding tech talent other recruiters are missing.
  • Predictive models that prioritize active candidates. Our massive amounts of public data allow us to predict with 90% confidence which candidates are looking for a new role right now.
  • Unique social data that generates 20-30% response rates. We know what people are interested in, what groups they're a part of, their social media bios, and much more.
  • Built-in ATS/CRM Integrations. No CSVs required bulk or individually drop candidates into other systems for a smooth workflow. Gem integration. 
  • Partnership Incentives. humanpredictions is competitively priced so we rarely discount services but we are eager to work with the members of NPAWorldwide. We believe our software could be very useful to many. Our founder Elliott agrees and would be willing to offer a one-time 20% discount to any NPAworldwide member.