We have had several recent inquiries from members who are not getting the desired results in their Candidate Alerts. Here are some tips to improve your search results:

  • DO NOT put your name in the Recruiter Name field. This will ONLY return YOUR records (and only those records that ALSO match the other criteria you entered)
  • DO NOT put your NPA# in the NPA# field. Again, this will ONLY return YOUR records as noted above.
  • The free-form keyword field on the left side of the screen requires Boolean logic. If you are unsure how to create an accurate Boolean search string, use the Find Records With fields on the right side of the screen.
  • We recommend keeping your Alerts simple with just a few criteria. Adding degree or salary requirements can limit the number of records you see. You can always modify your search to narrow down the found set if it is too large.
  • When entering or searching job titles, use the most common spellings or acronyms. You may need to use Boolean search to capture all the variations, for example VP OR "vice president".
  • You can EXCLUDE your own records by entering your NPA# in the Not These NPA#(s) field. Your NPA# is 4-digit number. Do not use a candidate ID or other number in this field.
  • When making relocation selections, be sure to pay attention to whether you are asking for candidates that RESIDE (default) in a specific location, candidates who would RELOCATE to that specific location, or BOTH.