Posted by Nicky P. Anderson on Sep 22, 2022

Dear Nicky,

I tried to log in to NPA Central today but received an error message that my account can't be found. I've been part of the network for a long time and have had an active account. What happened?

Deleted in Dollar Bay

Dear Dollar,

Earlier this year we implemented some new security processes to eliminate dormant accounts. Here is a quick rundown:

  • New recruiters who don't take the Ethics Quiz within 10 days of being added to the system receive a reminder. The firm owner also gets a reminder at 10 days that the new person's record will be deleted automatically if they don't take the quiz within 7 additional days (17 total days from record creation).
  • Users who do not log in to NPA Central at least once every 180 days are automatically deleted. A reminder email is sent at 90 days.Users who access NPAmarketplace directly via NPA Central will have login data captured on both sites, which will avoid the 180-day trigger.
Successful members utilize ALL the resources available from NPAworldwide, not just the sharing site. Some of the important information available on NPA Central includes:
  • Event/call registration via the events calendar
  • Open Forum discussions and group participation
  • Publications like the Vignette and Money Letter
  • Access to our Bylaws and Operations Manual when you have questions about policy
  • Minutes from the Board of Directors meetings
  • Marketing resources to help you promote NPAworldwide to clients and candidates
Thank you for helping maintain database security. Members are beholden to one another to safeguard your shared resources.