If you are viewing candidates on Matchmaker and are NOT able to view the resume, it is because you are looking at a blinded candidate. The resume *IS* part of the record, but you must click the blue Show Contact Information button at the top of the screen first. This will show the candidate's full contact details to you, along with the resume. This can occur if you are looking at candidates that came via an Alert or candidates that a partner forwards directly to you via Matchmaker.

You can easily tell if you are looking at a blinded candidate if you only see an ID number instead of the candidate's name.

Candidate blinding is turned on by default. Members have the option to determine if they want their candidates blinded or not. Please note this is an all-or-nothing feature determined per FIRM (not per recruiter). Either EVERY CANDIDATE for your entire firm is blinded, or none of them are. For a quick video tutorial on candidate blinding, please click here.