If you need to renew your jobs, please use the following process:

  • Log in to Matchmaker
  • Click on Show all my Jobs
  • If they are still active, hit copy and submit.
    • After you do this, deactivate the old one so you don't have duplicates posted.  


Our strong recommendation is to modify the job description so that the posting is not identical to the original record. If you do not do this, many of the aggregators we use will not re-advertise the posting as they will not consider it a new job.

Please do NOT simply "edit" your original posting. The COPY method described above is the correct procedure to use because:

  1. When you just edit, the posting date does not update. Some members see the old date and won't work the job.
  2. The job will not get reposted through any of the aggregator sites.

As always, please contact techsupport@npaworldwide.com if you have any questions about using Matchmaker.