Scott King (#8027) of Kings Resources Pty Ltd in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, nominated Rosemaree Ellis (#8028), Howard James (#8488), Lindsey Morgan (#8479) and Robert Briffa (#8104) - of Stenhouse Recruitment, Howard James Career and Recruitment, People Intelligence, Synergy People - in the Attitude & Teamwork category.

Scott said: "These four members have volunteered to act as a sub-committee to keep our AU/NZ membership up to date on a major court case "Skene vs Workpac" which may impact on how we treat long term contractors and temps. They have met many times to discuss the various press releases and changes as they happen and they have kept our membership updated. In summary it has been a very time consuming and detailed involvement that has been yet another example of the inclusive approach NPAworldwide members have to each other in this region. They have done a great service to the membership."

Great job helping to stay abreast of industry news/regulations and inform your fellow NPA members!