This concept could offer 3 benefits to members. It can:

  1. Be a source of additional revenue
  2. Increase your value and relationship with clients
  3. It may make the positions you are working for clients easier to fill

We have a partnership with WageAccess and for about $749 per year you can gain access to real-time salary data for job titles and positions broken down by location. It makes sense that sometimes clients are working on hires for new roles and do not have accurate salary benchmarks to work from. They may also be placing more senior talent or perhaps into geographies where they have little benchmark data. If it has been a long time since they hired for a role, they are likely to need a point of comparison too.

For any job the salary benchmark exercise can be an add on service for a fee. Most employers spend thousands to know they are priced right on a position they are hiring for.  If you do just one salary benchmark per month for clients, that is $8000 to $12000 per year for a $749 investment and a small amount of work. Most importantly it is a fabulous tool to get clients to price jobs at market when they are significantly off target.  

Take a look in the NPAworldwide Services Directory and give WageAccess a call:

Contact: Susanne Perez
T: +1 866 926 9400 ext. 710