Dear Nicky,

I'm an importer and want to share a tip that might help other importers as well. Whenever I enter a job in Matchmaker, I then run a search to see if I can find similar JOBS. The reason is that I might uncover a great candidate who isn't a fit for *my* job, but could be perfect for another partner's job. Or, that partner might find the right person for my job. There's a fair amount of crossover with similar jobs in different locations, so my candidate in Atlanta (who doesn't want to relocate to New Jersey), could be perfect for a similar job already in Atlanta. I think most of us typically think that importers should be looking for exporters, but I've had some luck with this strategy of connecting with other importers in the same space. I hope it works for others, too. I'm looking forward to a great year!

Hunting in Houghton

Dear Houghton,

That's a great tip, and an interesting spin on conventional wisdom. Those who are successful at splits keep an open mind to new and different ways of doing business. It might seem "obvious" that two importers wouldn't be able to work together, but that's not necessarily true. Thanks for sharing your process!


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