Posted by Jason Elias on Nov 27, 2021

Last week I won the “Recruitment Leader of the Year” award from Talint International for the second year in a row. Such an honour and very humbled.

During my acceptance speech, I dedicated the award to Adrienne Langman, a dear friend who brought me into this wonderful industry. Like many, I “fell” into recruitment and  would like to share a quick story.

When I was at college/university, the Jewish students’ association would put on an annual revue. It was comedy skits, musical numbers and dances. Lots of fun and a chance to take the mickey out of the community.

In 1994, I co-wrote and directed “Foreskins and a Funeral.” We spent a lot of time producing this revue and I ended up dating a fellow cast-member, Katy. We got on well and stayed friends even after we broke up. Several years later I moved to the other side of Sydney and Katy, who lived nearby, invited me for dinner.

I met her mum Adrienne whom I clicked with immediately. A larger than life character with a keen intellect, very knowledgeable about a range of topics and an infectious laugh. When I became a lawyer, Adrienne would frequently call me to ask questions as she managed a legal recruitment agency.

One day, she picked up that I was not happy in practice and took me for a coffee.  She asked how would I like to spend my life in coffee shops meeting interesting people and helping them with their careers. I was sold and worked closely with Adrienne for a year before deciding I wanted to start my own business. Adrienne left our company too and we shared an office and a staff member. I focused on legal and she focuss\ed on dentists.

My wife Jackie also developed a lovely relationship with Adrienne and trained her dogs. About 15 years ago, Adrienne and her lovely husband Larry moved to the country. We stayed in touch on Facebook.

Last week, Katy contacted me to say that Adrienne had suddenly passed away. She wanted me to know that Adrienne was so proud of my achievements in the industry and had a special connection with Jackie and I.

So, in this last week where our American colleagues celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks to all those wonderful people out there like Adrienne Langman who even though are no longer part of our every day lives have had a lasting effect on them.