For the past 6-8 weeks, we have been experimenting with a platform called ClearView Social that allows members to share content across their social platforms with just 1 click. The content to share is a combination of member-written blogs/articles, NPAworldwide blogs, and occasional third-party articles that are relevant to recruitment. There are about 65 people currently participating in the pilot and we're ready to expand it to a larger audience.

What is Clearview Social, and what is this pilot all about?
Clearview Social is a social sharing platform that allows to you quickly and easily share blogs and other business content across your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles with just ONE CLICK.

Why should you do this?
Visibility drives business. It is difficult to create or curate enough content to have a meaningful social media presence without spending a significant amount of time, or hiring someone to do it for you. With Clearview Social, we have a fast and easy method to share our collective content to a much larger audience, driving more traffic and leads to your website.

How does it work?
Each week, by 12 Noon US ET on Mondays, members forward a LINK to a blog/article they have written (NO job orders or self-promotion) to me or Liz Carey. We assemble those articles into an email template, which is distributed to participating members on Tuesday afternoons. When you receive the email, you can literally click ONE BUTTON to share every article (about 10 items) across your connected social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). Clearview Social automatically schedules the content to be posted over a 7-10 day period, so you are not overwhelming your accounts all at once. If you prefer, you can pick and choose individual articles to share and customize the message that posts with each item. This takes a few more clicks, but still saves you the time of having to find the content on your own. This pilot program will be in place through June when we can analyze the results and determine whether to continue it.

If you would like to participate in the ClearView Social pilot, please send an email to me ( or Liz Carey ( We are both happy to answer your questions as well. We have noticed a significant uptick in traffic to our sites and some users are reporting their LinkedIn views have doubled (or more) since the pilot began, so it definitely works!