We are in difficult times and there is much fear and uncertainty with recruiters who are primarily commission based and may be impacted greatly by the aftermath of this virus raging through the world. However, we can focus on dealing with the impact once the crisis has passed.

The important message right now is to stay in, stay healthy and remain calm to ensure we have a strong immune system.

With this in mind, I’d like to offer my help to your NPA members or anyone in your family or community who is struggling to stay calm.  I’d like to give away my book on Nutrition and my stress management Guru on-line course to help NPA recruiters stay healthy and calm.

Downloand my E-Book with natural remedies listed on page 176 and many recipes and health tips to strengthen our immune systems.

Below is the direct link to the video and hand-outs for your members. The course contains a video and hand-outs to help reduce stress, improve sleep and reduce negativity and anxiety.

Be a Stress Management Guru

To activate the course, select Be a Stress Management Guru.

  • Create an account with your name, email and password and click ‘Sign-up’.

  • At check out, click ‘Have a coupon’. Type in code COVIDCALM to obtain this course at no charge.

  • Start the learning and go through the video session and hand-outs at your own pace.

Stay healthy!