Posted by Nicky P. Anderson on Feb 10, 2022

Dear Nicky,

I am a newer member, and I'm a bit confused about a couple of items. First, if I submit a candidate or a job directly to a trading partner, do I also have to post it on the system? Secondly, if I make a placement with a partner, and neither the job nor the candidate were posted on the system, is brokerage still owed?

Perplexed in Pinconning

Dear Perplexed,

Members are not required to post records to the system. HOWEVER, this is a primary source of visibility for you and your firm in the network, so it is strongly encouraged. Members search the database or receive email alerts every day. Posting your records is free advertising to your partners about the types of candidates and roles you work with. While you might not ever make a placement that you can *directly* attribute to the sharing tool, posting records is a proven method for building name recognition with your partners. We often recommend a "both/and" methodology - share your records directly with partners and *also* post them to the system.

Placements between members require the payment of brokerage. Whenever two members share information about a candidate or a job, and that exchange leads to a candidate getting hired or a member receiving a fee, this is a split placement. It does not matter if this exchange happens due to use of a shared database, via email or phone call, or during a face-to-face interaction. The Operations Manual, Section A. Policies, offers many examples of placements that are (or are not) considered split placements. Please read this important document, and understand it, before beginning any placement activity within NPAworldwide.


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