Posted by Dave Nerz on Apr 28, 2022

Hello NPAworldwide owners and recruiters, 

The Board of Directors has asked staff to invest some time and energy to find solutions for service provider needs that most  members are likely to find beneficial or necessary. Many of you have solid solutions in place for these needs, others are in search of new providers, looking for increased performance, or interested in reduced cost for the work required. Here are some of the categories the Board asked for staff to prioritize. Please reply to this thread with others that would be valuable to you if something has been missed.

  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Services, from simple invoice and receipt processing to full on tax services.
  • Business Insurance, including cyber insurance but not health insurance.
  • Tech Support, from help with setting up equipment to trouble shooting issues.
  • Legal Services, from documents, immigration services, and employment law situational support.
  • Social Media Support, from developing a process to getting content.
  • Others…Let us know. 

We want to make the challenge clear so you understand our approach. In places like Australia, we have enough critical mass of membership and similarity of law across a broad expense to make finding a single supplier possible and desirable. In places like Asia and even North America, things like laws, distance, and vendor capacity/reach make it more difficult to find a single supplier.  It should be noted that members expect a discount for services. Realistically, we rarely have enough consistency of selected providers/vendors to gain a discount. If a handful of members use the same provider, that is a great result. No provider offers deeply discounted services for 5 or so independent business using their offering. We just feel it necessary to be clear, that while we will seek price advantages, this effort will be more about offering good options than guaranteeing low cost solutions.  

What We Will Do

Every other month we will take on a new service and do some basic research about good providers in as many geographies as we can. We will share those findings with members.

What You Can Do

We are asking each of you to refer your service providers to other members of our NPAworldwide member community. We want you to have a firsthand experience and a relationship with the provider referred, not just a friend of a friend. If you are not a user of the service, we do not want a referral to an untested provider. We are also not interested in self-promotion of something that you benefit from like a partner, family member, paid sponsor, etc.


We hope to build a strong bench of providers available to members in all parts of the world. We will direct members to the discussion area where the referrals and curated content will exist. We will update the information on both a real-time basis and refresh it once annually. We will link members to the discussions regularly. 

Watch for our first efforts in May 2022.