Posted by Patti Steen on Aug 10, 2022

Patti Steen is guest-writing this issue's From the Chair.

Being a member-owned organization, we have an amazing staff that manages all of the day-to-day business but we also depend heavily on a large team of volunteers that govern, plan & lead meetings, engage with members, connect people, resolve problems, write articles🙂, etc.    

I was curious how many member volunteers we currently have so I did a little research. I was surprised to learn there are 62 appointed volunteers with many more raising their hand to volunteer for various meetings or to coach members in the course of a year. That is amazing!!      

  • Board of Directors – 9
  • Area Leaders – 32 in North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia.
  • Practice Group Leaders – 14 in North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. 
  • Specialty Group Leaders – 7 in North America
  • Peer Coaches, Nominating Committee Members, Owner’s Meeting Volunteers and Members hosting local and regional meeting. 

I started volunteering in 2010 and have been asked many times, “Why do you volunteer?” My answer has always been to help members be successful in NPA. That is still my reason, but over time I realized my participation was also helping me be more successful in NPA and my business. I left a large regional firm in Seattle to start my company back in 2009.

In my last corporate role I was Vice President and managed all enterprise clients by developing talent acquisition programs that met their business needs. It was challenging, strategic, creative and rewarding work. As I settled into my new life as a sole proprietor, I was working from my home office, sourcing candidates only—not developing customers due to a non-compete—and I found I was missing the business of a business. This may resonate with many of you out there! I was asked to volunteer 8 months after joining NPA and found a new avenue to fill the void in my professional world. It has provided me the opportunity to be involved in strategy and governance as well as continuing my focus on helping members be successful in NPA. Along the way I have made lifelong friends from around the world, learned from the best and made money. A win all the way around!   

Engaging in NPA is the key to success! You can be a volunteer or an engaged member…either way you need to take action in one form or another to get noticed.     

  • Attend Calls and Conferences
  • Post Jobs/Candidates
  • Reach out to meet members
  • Maximize your presence on Marketplace – Updated profile, job and candidate alerts, etc.

My “Cause for Applause” goes out to all those that are currently volunteering and the many members that have volunteered in the past. Your time, energy and support has been noticed and appreciated. You made a difference!