We have recently rolled out a new modal window to make it easier to select relocation options for candidates who are open to multiple areas. When you enter a candidate, you will see an Add Details button under Will Candidate Relocate. Click the button to open the modal window.

If your candidate is open to relocation anywhere in the United States, simply check the button for All United States. If, however, your candidate is only open to relocation within New England or the mid-Atlantic, go down a bit further in the modal window until you see the US geographic options. This is a multi-select option. Click any single option if desired, or hold down your CTRL key (CMD on Mac) to select multiple options within each region. This is a much more efficient option than having to individually select states or countries within a larger geographic region.

A word of caution - we are seeing an increase in the number of candidates that have selected "All Locations Worldwide" as the relocation preference. This is highly UNLIKELY to be accurate for most candidates. Please do NOT use this option unless you have probed sufficiently to determine that your candidate is, in fact, open to relocating to ANY country in the world. Your trading partners don't want to find out that your "anywhere" candidate actually doesn't want to move to where their job is located.

If you have questions about using the new modal window, please contact techsupport@npaworldwide.com.