Posted by Marcia Bateman on Mar 03, 2022
I have been hearing from Job Recruiters (Importers) that they are getting a lot of candidates not even close to what they are looking for. 
Here are my top tips on what a good candidate may look like:

1- Individuals who want to rise up through the ranks not retire
2- Employed or recently unemployed- don't send candidates that have not worked in 2 years
3- Relocatable- if not in an area where members have jobs
4- Degreed
5- Not a job hopper. You may not get a fee on candidates who switches jobs every two years.
Most importantly make sure you are posting candidates that members are looking for. Look at the jobs versus the types of candidates you are entering or have in your database. For example, if you have entered ten accountants in Matchmaker and there have been no accountant jobs in four months, then that establishes there is a lack of demand for those candidates. We need good Candidate Recruiters (Exporters) as there are a lot of jobs going unfilled.