Posted by Laura Schmieder on Dec 16, 2021

Each NPA member works their business, their desk, their NPA membership differently…and that is okay as long as we are NOT being detrimental to other NPA member/owners. Remember that - WE all own NPAworldwide, it’s not owned by THEM or HIM or HER or a CORPORATE ENTITY…its owned by all and each NPA Member.

New members are trained to be on practice group calls, to enter candidates and jobs into Matchmaker, set up search alerts, make calls to NPA members/recruiters to introduce themselves and learn about potential trading partners or find out how to be successful in NPA. Are “seasoned” members adhering to the same recommendations?

By increasing information exchange and sharing, we believe that the more members communicate with one another, the greater the likelihood is of their doing splits together. Ultimately helping NPA members reach the goal of increased production….and ultimately MORE MONEY in all our pockets!   

Lately I’ve noticed a precipitous drop in participation in practice group calls – especially of the top NPA split partners. I know time is money, however 30 or 45 minutes once a month or every other month, to give back, to help new members or green recruiters to become great split partners could result in MORE MONEY in all our pockets!   

By participating in practice group or area leader calls or NPA webinars – you give back as a volunteer and mentor. How did YOU learn to work your desk or work NPA effectively? Did you attend NPA meetings and hear from your fellow NPA owners or recruiters? What steps led you to be successful and can you explain them to others?

I’m reminded of a Phil Collins quote: “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” OR an old adage, “Practice what you preach.”