Posted by Marcia Bateman on Sep 07, 2022
GIGO stands for garbage in, garbage out. We have been hearing from members that they are getting a lot of resumes thrown at them with candidates that are NOT vetted for the job. 

We are a member-owned network and you want to make sure you are maintaining a good NPA reputation. Make sure you are submitting on-target candidates with 'value-add' to your partners... don't waste their time or yours. 

The onus is on the member/owners to take responsibility for their recruiters to make sure they understand the NPA rules as well as what makes a “Most Placeable Candidate.” It is your company’s reputation on the line. We have recruiters who are looking at buzz or key words and nothing else …and on top of that, never speak to candidates. EARN your half of the fee and your reputation in NPA will flourish.