Dear Nicky,

I made my first NPAworldwide split and was waiting for the check to come in so I can report it to NPA. I found out from my trading partner that this is against the rules and I need report the placement now. Is this true?

Reporting in Rudyard

Dear Rudy,

Your trading partner is correct. All new acceptances MUST be reported as soon as the candidate accepts the offer.

Reporting acceptances is a mutual responsibility that begins with the importer. If the importer is unable to report, or fails to report, a new acceptance, then it becomes the responsibility of the exporter to report the activity. Failure to report an acceptance within seven days is grounds for disciplinary action or explusion for BOTH members participating in the placement. There should never be an circumstance where members are aware of an acceptance that has not been communicated to NPAworldwide Headquarters.

To report your acceptance, log in to Matchmaker and select My Records>Report A Placement.


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