Dear Nicky,

There are a few long-time members in NPA who work a narrow niche. As an exporter I try to help them, but every time I submit a candidate they tell me, "I already know them, thanks." Then I hear later they complain they don’t get any help. They do post lots of jobs, but I'm not sure I am spending my time wisely working with them.

Sourcing in Saline

Dear Saline,

Are you contacting the importer BEFORE you start working their job? Since you will be investing significant time into recruiting candidates, it only makes sense that you take the time to qualify the job before you start working on it. Is the job still open? Where are they at in the process? Is there already a shortlist or an offer on the table? Does the importer still need help? How do they like to work, and does that mesh with your own style? Getting this information in advance can help you determine if you want to spend time and energy searching for suitable candidates.

And by the way, if you send a candidate to a partner and your referral triggers their interest, they owe you a fee for placing that candidate EVEN IF they already have that person in their database.


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