Dear Nicky,

I work with an agency outside of NPAworldwide. He has a tough job, and I'm wondering if I can post it to our Job Board to help him out?

Curious in Coleman

Dear Coleman,

Thanks for asking. The Job Board is ONLY for NPAworldwide members. You may not post your friend's job there. NPAworldwide policy requires that members have a direct relationship with their clients. Additionally, NPAworldwide members have all executed a membership agreement that spells out member interactions. A non-member is not bound by those rules, so if a member's candidate were somehow introduced via our job board, that member could be at risk if the non-member did not pay. Indemnification would not be an available remedy either, so you can see how a something that seems like a favor could easily turn into a really big problem.

Here is the relevant policy from the Operations Manual, Section A. Policies, number 16d: A position shared with affiliates and/or on the NPAworldwide Job Board must be a bona fide, current position from a client company with which you have a direct relationship. Speculative or generic positions used to solicit commonly-required candidates are not permitted.


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