If you've ever had to pursue collection of an overdue invoice from a client, you can appreciate that it's not the most enjoyable part of your day. Wilson Cole from Adams, Evens & Ross recommends that EVERY collection letter contain these 5 elements:

  1. Times of attempted communication OR times where the debtor has promised to pay
  2. An opportunity for the debtor to resolve the issue
  3. A specific date by which the resolution must occur
  4. A statement that you "will take things in a new direction" if the date passes without resolution
  5. Be sure to send your letter electronically AND by regular postal service

Wilson recently wrote an article describing this entire process, which you can read here: https://www.staffingdebt.com/aer-collection-letter/

NPAworldwide member Don Leon, Donald Leon Search (#1372) saw this article and had a chance to try it out with an overdue client. Don says, "I followed Wilson's outline (to the letter) for a client who was way past due and our firm got paid the full amount. Wilson's advice for how to construct a demand letter is spot-on!"