Posted by Nicky P. Anderson on Nov 12, 2020

Dear Nicky

I posted a job and not a lot of members are reaching out. Did I do something wrong?

No Response in Norman

Dear Norman,

We asked one of our top exporters for some advice, and here is what they said:

As an exporter, I don’t think members really understand the best way to fill in a job order to get my attention and yet not make it too long.

  • Why is This a Great Opportunity? – This is where you list the good things about the company - the “sell factors” like benefits, the area, etc.
  • Job Description – List no more than 5 things, bullets preferred
  • Qualifications – Again, just 5
  • Note to Members – This is the most important part, tell me about your client and be truthful. Slow to respond, fast feedback, etc. Also, list other pertinent information that is not already included such as "they call the job a XXXX and it is really a XXX". List competitors if possible or other info that helps me find the right fit.
  • Be real – if that job is not paying enough, or you are looking for back-up candidates say that. Have the mentality that if I don’t waste your time you won’t waste mine.

Hope this is helpful for you!


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