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Dear Nicky,

I sent a couple of candidate resumes to a trading partner a few days ago. The partner told me they were going to pass on the candidate because there wasn't enough detail provided. The resume is great. What am I missing?

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Dear Shingleton,

When importers are experiencing high volumes of submittals to their jobs, how you package your candidate submittal will save the importer time. You will want to make it tight and-to-the-point. When composing a submittal include the key points about the candidate early in the message. Show the importer IMMEDIATELY that you have qualified the candidate against the job requirements. You can achieve this with a few simple strategies:

  1. Think about the subject line and what will appear in the message preview the importer will see while scrolling their Inbox.
    For the Subject Line – think about filling-in with: NPA #<xxxx> Candidate Submittal for <Job Title> <Matchmaker ID#>
    Sample Subject Line: NPA 0000 Candidate for your job Mechanical Engineer Matchmaker #10000
  2. First 2 lines of the message should include the criteria about your candidate to help the importer quickly qualify a match.  
    Desired Salary: Low to High range, Will consider relocation, has X years of experience, currently works for and why are they seeking a new opportunity. If there is a very specific must-have in the job requirement, include that here as well. 
    Sample: Mechanical engineer desires $100,000 to $125,000, willing to relocate to San Antonio, TX has family in that area, has 5+ years experience in the same (or related) industry, utilizing the ________ your client requires, currently works for XYZ Company in Fort Worth, TX. Is looking for more managerial responsibility. I placed this candidate with current employer.  
  3. Invite feedback. Let the importer know you are open to listen, and learn. If more information is needed for the candidate you submitted, you'll want to obtain that for hte importer. If the candidate is not-quite-a-match, fine-tune your recruitment and qualifying efforts. 
  4. Once you have adopted a format for your submittals – review it on your phone. Make certain it is easy to read on a small screen.  
  5. Never tell your candidate they will receive a call from the other recruiter (importer).

Importers expect to receive qualified candidates. You must do MORE than provide a name, email/phone number, and resume to earn your share of a fee.


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