I was asked how we could get more global, cross-border, work as a network.  

Members have frequently suggested an NPAworldwide sales team.  The reality is NPA would become your competitor and drive margins lower and get the same business you already have access to...so the leadership has decided that is a bad approach.  

What we have determined is that we need more members engaging their clients and prospects in talking about global reach and how through your membership a client can access talent search for almost any job in any location.  I have pasted below and attached as a word document a draft template for members to use with clients to introduce this capability.  Make changes, additions, corrections to make this template work for you.  Try sending a few letters or emails each week and see what happens.  

If you have a better option or template that is proven to work for you, please share it here.


Dear Employer Contact Name,


As someone responsible for finding and retaining top talent, you are uniquely tuned into the challenges created by today‚Äôs market conditions.  We are pleased that ___(My Company Name) has been able to provide recruitment service in the past and would like to make you aware of an additional service that may prove valuable in the future.


___(My Company Name) is a member of a recruiting network called NPAworldwide.  Through a cooperative partnership with firms in the network, we can complete talent searches anywhere in the world and for almost any executive/professional level position.  Annually our network places more than 500 candidates in positions around the world in support of businesses like yours. 


The benefits of the global recruitment service we provide are significant.  You are able to work with ___(My Company Name) as a single point of contact for searches done anywhere in the world.  We will work with you locally as we know your expectations and business, while our partner will be engaging talent in the location of your need.  Our global partner will be expert in the local market, they will know local laws and be expert on market conditions.  The team we assemble will provide superior service and speed while eliminating the need to locate an unproven remote recruiter.  We are already connected and you can leverage our existing partnership.


Please let us know of locations or hiring needs you may have regionally, nationally or even globally.  In concert with our NPAworldwide partners, we look forward to serving you whenever and wherever a need for talent is present.