Posted by Jason Elias on Dec 08, 2020

Bryan Ferry said it best with his immortal line, "Come on come on, let's stick together." If the global pandemic (which, at time of writing this, just surpassed 60 million cases) has taught us anything it is that we need to stick together.


One of the many things I love about NPAworldwide is the recognition of outstanding achievement amongst our peers. There is no greater honour in our network than the annual Chairman's Award. It is a celebration of those in our network that go above and beyond to make it better. I was lucky enough to have won this in 2014.

This year we celebrated all-round nice guy and super-producer Mike Pettit in New Orleans. It is time again for us to recognise our peers - so please nominate a fellow member who you believe has made a difference. Nominations are required by 15 December. While it is unlikely we will be able to have our usual Chairman's Award lunch together  in 2021, it is no less and perhaps more important in these times to acknowledge those contributions. Please send your Chairman's Award nominations to me.

Likewise- we should honour those who have volunteered beyond NPA in their local communities with our Community Service Award. Jon Davis was a worthwhile inaugural winner for the fabulous work he and his wife Jody do assisting women struggling with addiction and abuse through their nonprofit Coram Deo. We are calling for nominations by 31st December 2020. Submit your nomination for the Community Service Award here.

So let's recognise our achievers and stick together.