Hope you are safe and well. Recently I had a really interesting conversation with a psychologist friend on procrastination. We were discussing why some people (like me) too often leave tasks (eg proposals and reports) to the last minute. A fast-approaching deadline makes matters more stressful and rarely leads to better results. We discussed a strategy of doing smaller tasks regularly and then rewarding yourself when the job is done early, eg taking time off. He described this as “being kind to your future self.” This really resonated  with me - not in an altruistic “do-goody“ way but a practical one where there is clear self-benefit.

It got me thinking about sharing job orders In NPAworldwide. I often have tried to fill jobs myself and if I struggle then at the last minute share it with a trading partner in the vague hope of a recruitment “Hail Mary” swishing through the placement hoop.

Recently, I tried a different strategy and engaged a partner from the outset. They really bought into it and dedicated time and resources to deliver some strong candidates. I am pleased to say we made three splits with them this week. That means three happy candidates who will hopefully become brand ambassadors and a grateful client who has since given us more work. It also importantly means three badly-needed fees in a tough market. So do your future self a favour- select a trusted partner, get them involved early and close more deals.