We get asked on occasion what the brokerage percentages are.  This is more frequently a question by newer members or those that are using a service like the Job Board for the very first time.

Here are the basics on BROKERAGE:

Member-to-member splits:  5%

NOTES:  Typically 1/2 from each member that is partner to the split, paid on the total fee collected and submitted by the Importer that collects the fee from the client.

NPAworldwide Member with TEAM Member:  5%

TEAM is a partner organization in the UK.  There are some exceptions for deals done completely outside of NPAworldwide and completely within TEAM.  The NPAworldwide member is accountable for the collection and submittal.

NPAworldwide Job Board Applicants:  12%

If you post your job to the Job Board, you will be informed via email of applicants that apply to your job via the Job Board.  Those candidates, if placed, require a 12% brokerage.

NPAworldwide Self-Registered Candidates:  17%

If you place a candidate found in the Matchmaker database that is listed as belonging to NPAworldwide #0000, then a 17% brokerage is due.  We invest resources to attract these candidates to the network and cause them to register.

NPAworldwide Job Board Candidates used in Member-to-member splits:  5%

We do not want to discourage member-to-member activity or unduly create more brokerage, so the 5% holds here for member-to-member deals.

Thanks for your membership and the wonderful track record of compliance with the rules regarding brokerage.  Brokerage is an important component of our member-owned cooperative's annual budget.  Could not do what we do without it!