Posted by Veronica Blatt on Oct 05, 2020

We have had an uptick in questions about members not being able to upload candidates to Matchmaker, or candidates not being able to register on the Job Board.

In most of these instances, the issue is related to the candidate's resume:
  1. The candidate is trying to copy/paste the resume instead of uploading it
  2. An incorrect resume format is being used (JPG, or a corrupted PDF, for example)
  3. The resume cannot be successfully uploaded due to formatting errors
Many candidates have a resume that is formatted for PRINT use - something they will print and give to a recruiter or employer. These resumes often contain columns, images, tables, non-standard bullets or other formatting details that make the document easier or more aesthetically-pleasing for HUMAN eyes, but which cannot be easily "read" by machines. We strongly recommend that job seekers have a "fancy" resume for use with people and a "plain" resume for use with the job board (or ATS). Here is an excellent document for recruiters and job seekers that discusses the best resume formatting for machine reading:

Additionally, you (or your candidate) may need to convert a PDF resume back to Word format in order to strip out images and other troublesome formatting. There are many good conversion options available. One I have had good luck with is Not only is it free, it offers MULTIPLE document conversion options and ALSO can be used to compress large PDF documents into smaller file sizes.