Posted by Jason Elias on Aug 19, 2020

I have a small confession to make and there is no better forum than the Vignette. I have a secret love: gadgets. I could spend hours in a Brookstone and the Sharper Image (musical cake knife anyone?).

Since their demise I have embraced the world of software and how it can make our lives as recruiters easier and automate administrative tasks. I have been known to spend hours trawling through Product Hunt and getapp to find the next big thing. Some are game changers, some are distractions (I have been described as a kitten with a shiny ball). Many of you will have seen James Harman and I discuss our favourite tools at conferences and webinars (James, however, is a digital native who actually understands the tech more than most). So I am very excited about the new NPA Central powered by MemberNova that was rolled out this week.

In addition to being more user-friendly, it is much more efficient than our old system replacing numerous products that didn’t talk to each other and meant wasted time on admin and duplication.

There  are some awesome new features to help Members share knowledge, foster collaboration and consequently increase splits. The key features for members include a brand-new dashboard view (keeping the most important information right in front of you, on a single screen), a single-sign to Matchmaker, new Notifications feed, easier event registration, and a greatly enhanced Groups experience. Watch this 15-minute overview to get started:

Kudos to the team at HQ for such a great software find and customisation for our unique needs. Make sure you check it out. There are some handy videos to get you up to speed so you can make the most of it. This is one tool that will definitely make your life easier and more productive.