Dear Nicky,

In this turbulent time, I really want to connect with as many NPAworldwide partners as possible. I think we can work together to make it through this economic crisis. What is the best way for me to effectively make those connections?

Networking in Nunica

Dear Nunica,

Great question! NPAworldwide can be a real lifeline during a soft economy. Many members over the years have told "but for NPA" stories about how their membership enabled them to survive a recession, a market collapse, or other major slowdown. This time will be no exception.

I recommend that you start participating in as many Practice Group and Area Leader calls as you can. Our calendar is FULL of events, plus a monthly webinar training series and some occasional other goodies. Most of these calls are done via Zoom videoconference, so it's an excellent opportunity to put a face with a name and start building the personal relationships that lead to split business.

You can find our Events Calendar on NPA Central here ... the default view is a calendar view which makes it easy to see a whole month of activities all at once.


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