Posted by Liz Carey on Sep 23, 2020
Lisa Sackett (NPA #3876) of Professional Recruiting Solutions in Mentor, OH, recently made a double placement with her client, with the help of exporters Dave Evans and Pat Sisti from Perfect Fit Placement (NPA #1398).
Lisa had two Supply Chain Management openings with one of her biggest clients – one was a Supply Chain Manager and the other was a lower-level Senior Buyer on the procurement side.
Dave and Lisa have been working together on lots of open positions over the past couple years. "We have been close in the past, but this was our first official split," Dave said.
Dave reached out when he saw the jobs Lisa posted on Matchmaker and wanted to help.
"I immediately started looking for qualified candidates and came across a candidate that worked for her client 7 years ago," Dave said. "Initially, my first reaction was that her client would probably not be receptive to paying a fee for a former employee. However, I took a chance and forwarded her resume over to Lisa. Lisa realized that the Hiring Manager might remember my candidate since they worked for the company at the same time.  As fate would have it, the Hiring Manager had nothing but good things to say about my candidate from her previous employment with the company and agreed to interview her. 15 minutes after my candidate walked out of the interview and entered her car she was called and was offered the Supply Chain Manager position!! She accepted on the spot!!!"
While Dave was working on the higher level role, Pat had also begun working on it and found a local candidate and had an interview set up, but in the interim Dave got a offer and acceptance for his candidate.
"They hired Dave's candidate on the spot pretty much, but kept the interview for Pat's candidate as a backup in case something went wrong," Lisa said. "They interviewed him and loved him also but talked him into the Senior Buyer role knowing there would be quick potential to grow from there. They made a quick offer and he accepted. The even funnier part of this story is that Dave’s candidate had worked at this company in the past and we were still able to bill for the placement."
"I assumed Lisa would contact my candidate and cancel the upcoming interview as I assumed it was for the same role," Pat said. "Turns that my candidate ends up accepting the lower level role and will be working directly for Dave's candidate, so we ended up with a double placement with the same client."
Pat later found out that the client involved Dave's candidate in the interview process with his candidate, seeing they would be their direct report.
"So we got a double whammy!!! Thank God for NPA!" Pat said.
The Manager role had a compensation of $120k, resulting in a $11,400 fee to each - Lisa and Dave. The lower level role had a $91k salary, adding more than $8,500 to both Lisa and Pat's pockets!
"I LOVE NPA!" Dave said.