I’m always surprised to hear members say that they are not interested in global recruiting. In some cases, members might be in a function that is local or regional but in most cases we all can take advantage of NPAworldwide’s global capabilities.

Why promote global capability? Lots of great reasons including additional revenue, differentiates you from your competition, your clients likely struggle with needs in other countries and it gives your business caché and will elevate your status with your client.

I don’t know anything about global recruiting. This is the great thing about promoting global search. First, your client probably doesn’t know anything either, so you are really sourcing a firm in another country to be the expert. (see: Global Recruiting Doesn't Have to Be Scary)

I’m not sure how to go about selling it. NPAworldwide has documents and marketing pieces ready to go to help you promote this capability. It starts by asking the question of your client – Do you ever look to hire talent in other countries? You can also check their web site to see where they have operations and sales offices.(see: Member Capability Video)

My clients are typically mid-sized businesses not large multinationals. A high percent of companies over a hundred million in sales and many under a hundred million have operations in Asia, Europe or Latin America. These are the companies that are mostly likely to need help. Ford Motor likely has this figured out but probably not Acme Controls Corporation.(see: Need an International Recruiter?)

My business is focused on engineering and I typically search local and nearby locations to find candidates. Global placement seems to be removed from my business. You can still see if your clients have operations outside the US and then you can offer this additional service. You could be taking away a pain point for your client! No doubt asking the question will make you look good!

I am not confident about promoting this service. I will give personal testimony to the fact that we have amazing partners all over the world that will make you look good! I have experienced this in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Your clients likely work with you because you are the local expert. Our partners abroad are the local experts as well. They will do a much better job than an international branch of a multinational recruiting firm. (see: The Most Powerful Recruitment Capability in the World)

How does it work if I have a client that has a hiring need in Munich? (or Shenzen or Buenos Aires etc). The short answer is that you can manage these searches in different ways. One way is to identify one global trading partner and connect your client to that person. Another way is to work the client side and share the job to a few or many members.

My personal preference based on experience is to identify (use the word source with your client) the right partner to fulfill the search. Resources like Marcia or other members can help you identify trading partner options. Make a few phone calls to identify that right NPAworldwide partner. Connect that member to your client. You are then managing the fee arrangement with the client and then making the introduction to the “in country” expert. Stay connected by being copied on correspondence. In this case…I would arrange something different than 50/50 since the fulfillment partner will likely be doing most of the work – see below on splitting fees.

Another approach would be to maintain contact with your client and coordinate the engagement. You can work with one, a select number or share the position with many members. The strategy you choose likely depends on the nature of the search. If the role is not senior level and the candidate profile is difficult to find, then you might need to engage many members to help you find that candidate. The team at headquarters will help you navigate this process.

How do I determine how to split the fee? If the global trading partner is doing most of the work (IE taking complete job order, coordinating the client, originating the candidate and coordinating the candidate) then a logical split would be somewhere between 25/75 to 40/60 etc. This is because the global trading partner is doing the vast majority of the work. If the commodity is the job order and candidates are can easily be found then perhaps 40/60. If the search is very difficult then perhaps 25/75. North American fees (25%) tend to be higher (with some exceptions) than locations in other countries which will help make these jobs attractive to work in other locations.

If you are originating and coordinating the client and asking members in another region of the globe to send you candidates then 50/50 is fine.

Additional benefits! Your global trading partner, resident expert in their country, can be an invaluable resource for your client with regard to local recruiting and labor laws, compliance and other information that will mitigate risk for your client. They will appreciate getting some good advice without paying a large accounting or consulting firm for the same information! (see: Client Presentation Template)

Global trading partners in Asia, EMEA and Latin America are very motivated to work with you and your clients.

I have filled positions in places including Germany, China and Mexico. These searches have been handled professionally and I’m always impressed by the quality of our global trading partners. My business is in Grand Rapids, Michigan and our clients are mid-sized companies. If we can make global splits, then so can you!
If you have had success making global placements, then please feel free to add to this dialogue.

On a different note…we continue to look for new members who can continue to build our great network. We are looking for members who are high quality and can increase our collective capabilities. You will get paid up to US $500 for a referral of a member – submit your referrals online here.

Happy Hunting!