Posted by Nicky P. Anderson on Feb 25, 2021

Dear Nicky,

Thought I would share a pro tip I learned this week. I logged into a practice group call, not in my niche, and wow, I was impressed! My own narrow niche has been slow. I was surprised to hear from so many partners - some had jobs that were niche-focused and others had jobs from A-Z within a company. What I learned was that it's valuable to mix it up from time to time and find out what is happening in other sectors. It's easy to think that *everything* is slow when you are so focused on your own niche. Looking at a broader picture showed me there is plenty of work to be had. It was an eye-opener for me.

Mixing It Up in Minden

Dear Mix,

Thanks for sharing. One of the tried-and-true ways of being successful in NPAworldwide is being open to new ideas. While some members, like you, have had success working a narrow niche, others have found success by being the "go-to" source for everything from soup to nuts with a handful of select clients. And when one niche is slow, there is always bound to be another one that is strong. Being open-minded to those new opportunities and new ways of working is a great way to jump-start additional activity for your own desk or business.


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