Amelia Klimowicz (#8513) has made her first split placement since joining the staff of Dare Recruitment in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Amelia provided a Workplace Lawyer in the Legal Industry, to Alex Correa (#8493) of Alex Correa Executive in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Alex explains how the deal came about: "Amelia and I have known each other for some years now, so the opportunity to work together on a split was an exciting one. Although we had referred one another candidates for some months we just hadn’t had much luck in finally getting one over the line. That all changed when Amelia had a candidate for a 6 month contract role that we were doing. I had put 3 other candidates forward but Amelia’s candidate impressed our client and an offer was made. As it turned out Amelia’s candidate was unable to accept the offer due to some personal circumstances and it is fair to say we were both gutted. The silver lining however came in that particularly candidate referring someone they knew who they felt would be a great fit for this role. Although the previous recruitment process had taken some weeks to get to offer stage, the second opportunity to place this role moved incredibly quickly with interview and offer made within a matter of days.

"Despite the fee being a much smaller one than what we typically see, Amelia was not put off by this at all and saw this a chance for us to keep our client happy and get a great result for an in-house lawyer.

"Happy client and happy candidate means happy recruiters!"

Great job sticking with it to close this deal, Amelia and Alex!