Ariel Grossman (NPA #2112) of ADN Healthcare in Boynton Beach, FL, USA has made his first NPA split placement.
Ariel provided a Medical Staff Coordinator in the Healthcare Industry, to Matt Casey (NPA #1356) of ExperiencedRN Premium Placement in Boston, MA, USA.
Ariel explains how the deal came about: "Matt and I started communicating about 6-8 months ago and our company started supplying candidates to his open positions.  We have been very close to so many offers/placements and we finally got this placement to fall!  Matt is very good with feedback/updates on profiles we have sent to him as well as directing us to jobs to work that he thinks are the greatest need for his clients.  Also he is very open to communicating in any form.  This particular deal was not easy on the client's side as they were very picky on what candidate to choose from and it took longer than most placements as well, but Matt was very diligent and on top of everything so the candidate was aware of next steps, processes, interviews, etc..... This deal would have not happened without him!  I'm sure we will do many more deals beyond this point and look forward to having much more success."
Great work sticking with it, Ariel and Matt! Sounds like you two have a great partnership... looking forward to seeing more splits from you two!