Danielle Muller (NPA #8575) of Asquith Workforce in Greenhills Beach, NSW, Australia, has made the firm’s first split placement with Edwin Tiah (NPA #8452) of Elitez Pte Ltd in Singapore.
Danielle placed Edwin’s candidate, a Managing Consultant in the Transportation Industry in Australia.
Edwin explains how the deal came about: "I reached out to Danielle and Jillian after seeing their listing in Matchmaker. Danielle was very pro and quickly responded to all my questions helping us to run the search for her placements. In fact, it was difficult during the lockdown having so much uncertainty if the role will likely proceed or not. Even the first interview schedule was postponed during the cases raising in Australia and Singapore in circuit breakers. Despite all this above, nothing seems closer to completing the placements, we keep our conversation warm to see thru all this, keeping each other updated with the progression. Kudos to Danielle and Jillian.. it really takes 2 strong pairs of hands making a deal... "
Great work during trying times, Danielle and Edwin!