Davis Antoine (NPA #8554) of Avisant Search in London, UK, has made the firm’s first split placement with Laura Schmieder (NPA #1315) of Premier Placement, Inc. in Allentown, PA, USA.

Laura placed Davis’s candidate, a Regional Sales Manager in the Biotechnology / Life Sciences Industry in the USA.

Davis explains how the deal came about: "I was looking at vacancies on Matchmaker and saw the Job title 'Relationship Manager' which sparked my interest as I have placed similar job titles within the banking sector in the past. This role was however within the Biotech/ Pharma space and Laura was quite efficient in setting me straight on what the client was looking for. Laura was able to provide a lot of information on the role and what was clear to me was Laura had a very close working relationship with the client. There were a few rejected CVs that I sent over, however, I was always provided with feedback which allowed the next search to be better. I have found Laura to be a very knowledgeable and efficient recruiter and I look forward to working with her on many more assignments."

Great job working together with Laura to find a candidate outside your normal scope, Davis!